Marketing Tips

How to STAND OUT in 2020

Nowhere are technological advancements more necessary than in the hands of the people securing our country. However, getting attention from the right decision makers within the government marketplace is a challenge.

Here are FBC’s top tips for getting noticed.

  • About 80% of an exhibit’s success is down to the staff, so train them well. Stand out by using best practices in exhibiting.
  • When you stand out in front of your event booth, you have a 75% better chance of creating interest.
  • You have only a few seconds to impress. Have a winning display that shows how your product will directly help an agency accomplish its mission.
  • Almost 80% of expo visitors with buying authority say events influence their business purchasing decisions. Stand out by following up after each event!
  • Products that pass the “Granny Test” stand out the most. Ensure your grandmother could view your booth and describe your product within 3 seconds.
  • Exhibiting with FBC is the most time- and cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and grow your customer base.
  • Exhibiting is the only medium that allows customers to interact with you using all 5 senses. Incorporating sight, sound, touch, smell and taste makes you memorable.
  • The hottest events, like CMS Convergence, can sell out in minutes. Make sure to book early.
  • There is such a thing as a perfect spot! Stand-out exhibitors cleverly position themselves near the food.
  • Securing a government contract comes from building trust and being visible during the long government sales cycle. Face-to-face time at an expo is invaluable.
  • Nearly 85% of expo visitors have buying authority. Capture their attention by engaging in pre-show promotions or sponsoring a conference break.
  • Each expo attendee tells an average of 6 people about their experience. Leverage color, light and giveaways to make sure your booth is unforgettable.