About the Event

On Tuesday, October 27th, the Information Security & Privacy Group (ISPG) will host the "Great Cyber Escape" Virtual Cybersecurity Forum.

Creating a culture of cybersecurity is critical for all organizations, including CMS. The internet is used to support many of our day-to-day activities and for many purposes. In today’s world, as more people are working remotely, the threat of cyber-attacks is more relevant than ever. These attacks are occurring more frequently and if they are successful, their impacts can be damaging. Being “cyber-safe” at home and knowing how to identify and prevent common cyber-attacks helps promotes a more secure internet environment for everyone. In support of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, the Information Security & Privacy Group (ISPG) is hosting the annual CISO Cybersecurity Forum.

Our goal during National Cyber Security Awareness month is to engage and educate CMS staff on protecting information technology systems and data from cyber-attacks and to promote clear and consistent communications about cyber security and privacy protections.